Paracale Gold is a gold mining investment company focused on late stage exploration and mine development opportunities.

The Company’s strategy involves seeking out, assessing and investing in natural resource projects, primarily gold orientated, where it can add value through geological exploration, mine development and corporate transactions.

Paracale creates shareholder value by participating in a diverse portfolio of projects and investments with exposure to commodities across multiple stages of the natural resource cycle. The Company has a solid platform for growth both organically and from new strategic opportunities.

Paracale’s management team has had a long association with the international project engineering management, mine development and mineral processing sectors. As well as their association with a number of privately owned engineering and mining businesses the team were involved in the management of Oxus Gold plc and Marakand Minerals Limited which were both AIM listed.

Paracale Gold Limited is a privately held company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and administered on the Isle of Man.


In 2010 Paracale Gold acquired the assets of Coral Resources Limited out of liquidation. The Company progressed the development of these assets with private equity in the period 2011 to 2014 when it concluded an agreement to sell 100% of its Philippine interests in an all share deal to Monte Oro Resources and Energy Inc which in turn was acquired by Apex Mining Inc (PSE:APX).


The Company is actively seeking to assemble an exciting portfolio of mineral assets, ideally gold focused, at various stages of the development cycle through to and including production.

The Company is aiming to leverage its resources and mineral development background, specifically but not exclusively in Africa. In particular projects that meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • The ability to secure near term cash generation
  • Allow longer term investment portfolio growth thereby generating liquidity
  • Are opportunistic investments at the bottom of the natural resource valuation cycle


The Company operates with a lean organisational structure designed to minimise on overhead costs.

Enjoys a close relationship with MAED; a leading gold mine design and construction company which has been involved in a building a number of the world’s leading mining companies’ plants internationally.

Additionally MAED was the catalyst to generating tremendous values for Oxus Gold shareholders in the period 2003-2007.

Our current focus has been on African sited opportunities but the Company is willing to consider other jurisdictions where synergies exist and attractive returns attained.